Players Clause

No-Trade List

A No-Trade Clause (NTC) or No-Movement Clause (NMC) can be added to a player's contract in the years after they are eligible for Unrestricted Free Agency (27 years of age)

Player Name TeamClause Pos AgeContract
Kevin ShattenkirkFlyersNMCD3414,000,000$
Dominik KahunWildNTCC/LW/RW2613,750,000$
Kyle OkposoPanthersNMCRW351750,000$
Tyler MyersOilersNTCD3323,250,000$
Jacob de La RosePanthersNTCC/LW261750,000$
Anthony BitettoDevils (NJD)NTCD3211,270,000$
Travis BoydPanthersNTCC291750,000$
Radim SimekDevils (NJD)NTCD3011,270,000$